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camping wesertal

the wild east of belgium

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Camping Wesertal is small, simple but cozy.
 It's (really) adding by subtracting.
Camping, enjoy nature and preserve it.
Since 2014 we - Claudia & Birgitt - run and landscape this small campsite, which is situated on the bank of the belgian Weser/Vesdre and at the foot of the Eifel-Hohes Venn nature park.
Half forest, half meadow, we strive to establish a balance between a beautiful pure nature spot and meaningful structure for camping.
With only 52 pitches and only 2 stars, we offer a place with modest equipment for friends of basic camping, hiking, cycling and the fresh air!


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Über uns

..... if you ain't got a tent or a campervan you can stay over with us in one of our cabins: 
construction trailers, a trekkershut and a caravan for rent - with simple equipment, feels like camping ...

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cabins to rent

Camping Wesertal offers the luxury of simple, authentic things:
constant hot and cold  water, showers, power is available just as a tea kitchen, a sauna ...
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what is to be done?
to bike, to hike, to laze, explore cities in the proximity...

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